Everyone gets burnt out at work at some point, and if you travel, your love for your job might be at a greater risk of fading. You might think “I took a travel nursing job because I love to travel. My life is exciting, refreshing, and fun!” And, you’re right! The benefits of travel nursing are undeniable. However, it is important to consider the signs that appear when it all starts to fizzle, and how to avoid (or recover from) burnout!

How Do I know If I am Tired of Traveling?

Ask yourself these questions to identify the potential risk of full travel nursing burnout:

  • How’s the food? Exciting and exotic, or strange and unwelcoming?
  • That temple or open-air market you walk by every day – is it enchanting or blasé?
  • Did you spend your flight snapping photos over the wing or yawning through a magazine?
  • Does the bustling crowd energize your senses, or are you on stimulus overload?
  • When was your last true adventure or solo expedition?

If the prospect of swiping another hotel keycard makes you groan, burnout is imminent. If you’re still waking up every morning ready to ‘Carpe Diem,’ you can avoid the spiral before it’s too late. Either way, these tips should help restore your love of travel!

How to Avoid (or Recover from) Travel Burnout

Tip: Prioritize Shut-Eye.
Sleep is essential for all of us but for those who travel, it can mean the difference between enthused and “over it.” We recommend traveling with an eye-mask, shutting down the screens for an hour before bed, and getting enough exercise throughout the day to put off night-time restlessness.

Tip: Savor the ‘Me Time.’
Nursing is arduous even in Bali, Beijing, or Belize. Don’t neglect yourself amid the demands of your travel nursing duties. Be sure that you hit the beach, nature preserve, or rooftop lounge for at least one daily hour of whatever restores you.

Tip: Keep in Touch (But Not TOO Much).
If your mind is always back at home, it will be more difficult to travel openly and enjoy the silver lining of exploring somewhere new. All the same, if you feel like you haven’t seen a familiar face in days, you won’t be present no matter what. Beat the blues by achieving a balance between staying involved and memorizing what your entire family ate for lunch.

Bonus tip: If your travels take you way outside your at-home time zone and it seems like it’s always three in the morning for your loved ones, don’t forget the value of writing a letter or card!

Tip: Assess Your Pace
If the constant hustle of traveling has you exhausted, take a breather! Meditate, sip a coffee, or take a dip in the hotel pool to rejuvenate. Contrarily, if the slow roll of the island you’ve landed on has you feeling fidgety and hurting for purpose, consider your personal bucket list. What can you do with this time? Write your bestseller, learn a skill, or try something locally exciting like paddle-boarding.

Tip: Make Yourself at Home
Sometimes the worst part of travel – global or stateside – is that it all seems so foreign. This isn’t your usual cup of coffee, the weather is weird, the language (or dialect!) is unfamiliar, and you feel over- or under-dressed no matter what. Living out of a suitcase only adds insult to injury. So, how do you deal? Find your way around, locate a comfortable café or lunch spot, make friends (or at least acknowledge the people around you!) and always unpack and settle in.

At Personnel Results, we’re committed to helping talented nurses find travel nursing jobs that suit their schedules and goals. Part of fitting the ideal talent with the just-right job is making sure that travel nursing makes YOU happy. To avoid travel burnout and stay in love with one of the most unique and exciting careers out there, take our advice. When you’re ready for your next travel nursing placement, choose Personnel Results.


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