Temporary healthcare jobs are quite common but finding a temporary healthcare position and turning one into a full-time career are two different things. Turning a temporary job into a full-time job requires your A-game at all times. Companies hire temporary employees to test them out before they commit to bringing an employee on fulltime. Think of this temporary period as your audition for this hospital. The better you perform, the better your odds of being brought on full time or receiving a stellar reference.

As a temporary nurse or medical assistant, it’s imperative to be smart. During this audition you’ll have a spotlight on you. To your new employer and co-workers, you are a blank canvas. It’s your responsibility to paint yourself in a positive light. That’s why it’s important to avoid saying things that will give off the wrong impression.

“But my previous employer did it this way.”

When you focus on the past, you come off as someone that is opposed to change or reluctant to learn. Two major red flags to a hospital team that always needs to stay fluid no matter what situation arises. In the healthcare industry, it’s important to be able to hit the ground running, because your co-workers and patients need to rely on you.

Your previous employer is no longer paying your bills, so shift your loyalty to your current hospital.

“Can I take off early?”

Temporary positions usually only last for three months. If you are going to standout during your healthcare temp role, you need to show your employer you can be reliable for the long haul. Remember that you are new to this hospital. Even if you are typically the first employee to arrive and the last to leave, if you ask for days off or to leave early, you may develop a reputation of being lazy.

“I’m just a temp.”

If you want to work temporary nurse jobs or temporary medical assistant positions for the foreseeable future, then admit you are a temp. However, if you are looking to make your temporary role a permanent position, don’t act like a temp. Go the extra mile to make yourself another member of the team. If you only ever take on the responsibilities of a temp, how will your employer ever be able to see your value in any other role?

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