Q4 is packed full of holidays. You know it, and so do your competitors. That’s why it is so crucial to have a plan for hiring healthcare temps for Q4 so that your healthcare staff has the flexibility to spend their holiday seasons happily with their families.

The last thing you want to do is wait and leave your facility under or poorly staffed towards the year end. The key is to know where to look for great temporary healthcare professionals, and to start hiring temporary healthcare staff early.

Where to Find the Best Healthcare Temps

It’s important to treat seasonal hiring just like any other hiring process. Take advantage of all of your resources and get creative with where you post, such as on social media or even Craigslist. You may however be on a time crunch to fill a position. In this case, there are two extremely valuable resources that are on your side.

The first is a trusted healthcare staffing firm with a vast pool of talented professionals. Any staffing firm can be a terrific resource for speeding up recruiting processes, and a healthcare staffing firm will also be able to provide guidance through the entire recruiting process.

The second resource is your local colleges, who happen to be on break during the busiest time of the year. Work with your local medical programs to refer some of the top performers for some temporary work.

When to Hire Temporary Healthcare Staff for Q4

In Q4, your permanent staff is going to look to use the rest of their vacation days. This will often coincide with national holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas – but may also include Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. These are important religious-based and family-oriented celebrations that your staff will not want to miss out on. Hiring temporary medical staff to help relieve permanent staff of their duties for at least part of these holidays will go a long way towards boosting morale, and can be a great recruiting tool to get to know potential hires.

This is why it is so imperative to start to hire your travel nurses or any other temporary allied healthcare professionals, to not only give yourself enough time to hire multiple temps, but to be certain that the new hires have time to get acclimated before the hectic holiday season arrives.

In order to give yourself enough time to find and hire the temporary employees your facility needs, you should start your hiring process in late August. Post your jobs and give your hiring manager a week or two to review the submissions. Once you have a handful of ideal candidates for each position, spend the next two weeks interviewing potential hires. Take a few days talk about the candidates with your team and make your offers at least two weeks in advance to allow employed candidates time to put in their two weeks, if necessary. This ensures that your temporary healthcare staff will be ready to go by the start of Q4.

If you are in a rush or really want to find the best healthcare temps, partner with a national leader in healthcare staffing. Personnel Results has helped medical facilities across the nation hire both medical and allied healthcare staff. Contact Personnel Results year-round for your healthcare staffing needs.

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